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19 December 2007 @ 12:24 pm
*deep breath* Okay; I can do this...

Hi. I'm not a regular member of this community, but I've been frequenting it over the past few months. I am an undergraduate student at a small liberal arts college in the midwest, and have just completed a term paper which focuses on soulbonding, otakukin, and the relationship of these two subcultures to Japanese popular culture and capitalism.

I just finished putting this paper online as a website called Thinking Enchanted Subcultures. If you are curious about what I've written about you, feel free to visit it. I'm also obviously looking to expand the thing, so any comments from you fine folks would be greatly appreciated. I'd especially like to post some personal accounts from "self-identifiers" (people who refer to themselves as soulbonders.)

Cross-posted to related groups. *trembles* I can't believe I've done this.
30 April 2007 @ 08:15 pm
Hello, I am a 17 year old American girl that followed dev_winger here after a thread on a forum I go to inspired me to be social and make new friends. =) And one of my greatest phobias is making intro posts, so I'm just going to move on to the other introductions now.

*twitch* Hello all. I was only just told about soulbonding by a good friend of mine who I was explaining my worlds and species to, and she was very surprised by the intensity with which I spoke of them. My worlds and species I all created myself, wars and treaties, laws, governments, religions, flora and fauna, and technologies. I write detailed stories about these worlds and the creatures that live in them, how they evolved, where they came from, where they are going, what they eat, how they breathe, when they are born and when they die. I'm often so completely involved in my 6 different Universes and every creature that lives in them that I kind of walk through life in a fuzz. I feel like each character is very much real, and I've even felt like I've had a spiritually sexual relationship with one of them.

I didn't really think that anyone else felt like me, so I thought I was rather insane, though I'm probably still rather insane considering I'm not fully here on this world. Luckily my friend told me about this community so now I can finally connect with others like me.

So hello all. My name is Cly, it is my spirit name, and my true name. I'm 20, female, and a wee bit crazy. I'm Pagan, into magic, and know that my soul is an arctic wolf. I go to college to become a horticulturalist. I've been writing about other worlds since I discovered Gonsrad, my first planet, when I was 9, but I've been writing in general since the 1st grade when I read White Fang, and swore I'd make Jack London cry... until I learned he was dead..... Now I swear I'll make JK Rowling cry. So yeah, that's just a little about me. Normally I'm not this crazy in my writing style, it's just today I've been really hyped up and my energy is totally out of whack, but I felt like it was the right time to say hi and make new friends, because I've been feeling way too alone for way too long about this soulbonding thing. Anyways, I wish you all Love, Light and Peace!
I had a different experience that I think would be considered soulbonding. I've been trying to memorize The City in the Sea, the poem by Poe, as I once had it memorized. While memorizing it, I noticed that the poem became more alive every time I read it. Soon the poem wasn't alive - rather, there was a person, with the personality of the poem's mood and idea, who was with me.

For lack of a better term, I've called this idea-based or mood-based soulbonding, because that's what I feel it is. A soulbond came from an idea and a mood. Perhaps poetry-based soulbonding would be better, although I think that any place I could find a mood or idea such as that could generate a soulbond for me, should I grow so attached to it. (Any other suggestions for terms are welcome.)

Has anyone else had this experience? I wouldn't be surprised if others had, but I was curious, as usual.

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12 April 2007 @ 08:51 am
Mref. No doubt you're all tired of newbie introductions, but bear with me as I toss another one on the pile. The basics - I'm a female Australian who's recently discovered one of my characters has begun to develop a presence of his own to the point where I can feel him watching me, and caught a glimpse of him sitting in the back seat of the car, looking out the window with mild interest. I've been familiar with the term and concept 'soulbonding' thanks to a few friends, and thus have a bit of a head-start on recognising what this quite possibly is. So I set forth to find a community where I could mooch around and hear of others' experiences and...I guess this is it. *Waves* So hi. 

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03 April 2007 @ 07:55 pm
I dont post much here but I could use the advice, so yes.

Sooooo... ever since Ive heard a certain song I have felt a pull, a twitch, from a muse, or soulbond if you would. (I tend to perfer the term muse) I was thinking perhaps it was a muse I had never met before, but was too shy to show themselves. The song was by Panic at the Disco, cant think of the title, but twas the one that went "We sure are in for a show tonight!" and "The good doctor is beckoning..." Called really strongly, and it drove me nuts.

I realized today that it wasnt a new muse, but rather an old one. An old muse I THOUGHT had wandered away as some tend to do. He had caused much grief with his presence before, distorting those he could into new images, new forms. His power being that over form and function. He could bend others forms into his will, consequently their minds in a way as well. He had my writing muse for a time, but my art muse managed to find a way to remedy this. Karatas's (the art muse) breed and line are apparently immune.

But yes, that muse was the one it called to. Kasai, one of the first muses and the darkest Ive known. Im not sure if hes capable of good, he only sees power and doing what he wishes with it. Not that I have ever gotten to know him very well, merely because he gives me the shivers quite strongly. Hes messed with those I care about, and THAT puts him at odds with me.

But I get a feeling I havent been fair with him either. Its strange, Im not really certain HOW to get to know him better, if I should at all. Perhaps a line should be drawn somewhere? The original way he affected my writing muse, after all, was because it was through a long novel I wrote Kasai was first introduced. Back before I even knew the dangers, or what a muse was. I could draw of course, since Karrots immune... but Karrot despises him. Quite a feat considering Karrot loves everyone. And I fear hes far too dark to be in any rp, I dont want to know what he would do if given that chance, who might be infected.

And writing is OUT of the question. Permanatly.

And yet, what if Im missing something, what if he has a reason, what if tehres a way I can help? I realize that the most direct way would be through a one on one conversation, but my own bias and prejudice against his previous actions get in my way. Hes around now, at any rate. I dont know, I guess Im merely looking for advice about the situation. I hope this post is at least coherent. *smiles*
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03 April 2007 @ 01:09 pm
I was just thinking...it seems that a lot of Bonders are female. What do you all think the ratio of male to female is for us?

I am female and the vast majority of my Bonds are male and that seems to be the trend, though I also know of some female Bonders whose Bonds are female. Do male Bonders tend to have female Bonds more or male ones? Do female Bonders tend to have more in-sourced or out-sourced Bonds or do guys?

Years ago, I had a three in-sourced Bonds (not that I knew to call them that at the time) and then I quit working on the novel they were from and they disappeared. I do wonder if I started working on that book again, would they show up once more? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hope everyone has a good day!!!

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02 April 2007 @ 03:46 pm
The decision has been made; thank you all for helping me with this. The new moderators are as follows:

Maxim of visual_syntax (his own journal will be given maintainer status)
And, if up for it: lisandrayajuujo

If the new mods could get in touch with me via this post, that would be great; I'll set you up ASAP.

(Also, I've chosen three rather than two new mods due to the fact I've decided to step down: again, I'm devoted to this idea, but the landscape and culture have changed a great deal and I'm finding that what I personally experience is closer to what people have lately been calling 'fictionality' -- finding meaning in fiction. That said, I have watched this place for a long time and I honestly hope it flourishes.)
25 March 2007 @ 08:55 pm
Hi guys,

My name is Laura, I'm 22 and from the UK.

I am new to all of this and am trying to get my head straight so I welcome anyone and all with open arms.

As for soulbonding, I have the closest connected with Dr Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. They don't front (although sometimes they get close enough to almost...and sometimes in my manners and ways of speaking, apparantly, according to my friends) and most of the time they don't really talk to me they're just there with Edward making his presence known more noticably than the doctor, although I think that mostly it's because I am more like Henry in myself and Edward produces more stronger emotions than Henry - am I making sense?

They has his own journal (a_darker_dream which they type into (although Henry more than Edward) and I just let them run with it.

I also have other people in my head but Henry/Edward (mostly Edward) is the most...active without being 'active' outside.

I also think I may be median, but I am not entirely sure - like I say I am just trying to get my head straightened and I am do not hear voices or lose time. I am not alone, that much I do know. There's a lot of things that I have to get straight in my own mind, and I would be greatful for people to talk to that could possibly help.

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25 March 2007 @ 08:22 am
Hello, I'm Olive, new here. :]

Just a quick question, if nobody minds: I used to talk and interact a lot with my characters a few years ago, but I wasn't bonded with them. Now, I have different characters, and I believe one is bonded. I have a very strong connection to him (much stronger than the ones before), but there's little speaking. Is this just because the characters are different? And, is it really a soulbond if there's not much verbal interaction?