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03 April 2007 @ 01:09 pm
I was just thinking...it seems that a lot of Bonders are female. What do you all think the ratio of male to female is for us?

I am female and the vast majority of my Bonds are male and that seems to be the trend, though I also know of some female Bonders whose Bonds are female. Do male Bonders tend to have female Bonds more or male ones? Do female Bonders tend to have more in-sourced or out-sourced Bonds or do guys?

Years ago, I had a three in-sourced Bonds (not that I knew to call them that at the time) and then I quit working on the novel they were from and they disappeared. I do wonder if I started working on that book again, would they show up once more? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hope everyone has a good day!!!

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Asterism: Asterism: NGC 2170 Stars and Dustasterism on April 3rd, 2007 07:24 pm (UTC)
I am female, and most of my bonds are also female. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe I just "tune in" more with female characters, thus giving me greater likelihood to have female bonds than male. Currently all but one of my bonds is female, and all but one are outsourced (though it is a female bond who is insourced).

But I agree that your observation that most bonders are female with predominantly male bonds would be fairly accurate.
Maxfield Stantonmollyisacatlady on April 3rd, 2007 07:33 pm (UTC)
I am female and my closest bond is male. My second closest is female. :)
athousandmoons on April 3rd, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
I won't go into gender here, since I can't figure out how to discuss it. I suppose I could say that I relate better to male characters and that's probably why many of my 'bonds are male. However, I have noticed a lot of female 'bonders with mostly male 'bonds.

I've had that experience with some in-sourced 'bonds. When I'm not working on their novel or other source, they tend to fade or become inactive. Then when I start working on their source again, they return. However, some 'bonds stick around no matter whether I'm working on their source or not. It depends on how long and how much we've been bonded, I think.

If you're interested in the gender of 'bonds and 'bonders, you might put up a poll, or ask someone else to, since you seem not to have a paid account. It might be worth finding out. :)

Birdy: Broken Glasskyanve on April 3rd, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
Hrrgh. I'm female but apparently easily mistaken for a guy. (In person too, it's sorta funny >.o;.) Alessa's the one that's yanno..."full other person", thou there's some "fluke" value with her.

I'd be inclined to say that going back to it would probably draw them back out but - well, mine work odd and I'm more prone to work on their stories when they're "closer to surface" than vice versa, thou working on it tends to encourage them.
Miss In Love With Her Own Fatekyouketsusha on April 3rd, 2007 09:31 pm (UTC)
This body is female, as are everyone who resides within.
padawanagain on April 3rd, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
In many shamanic beliefs soulbonds were the other half of the shaman's soul. So in that sense it makes sense that woman have more males as soulbonds. It also makes sense that more 'bonds are male because we live in male dominated society.

I think it would make sense of they did show again. If they would? Not sure, as I think lots of things can effect whether a bonds shows. :)
Me: IG silhouettetallestpinecone on April 3rd, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
I think I tend to bond with people with whom I identify, most of the time. I also think I tend to identify more with male characters than female ones, even though I'm female. I've only really had one female living in my head who's active enough and stayed long enough to count, whereas there have been probably a couple dozen males who fit those same criteria. I agree with Maxim's comment, too, about most characters in literature, etc. being male. In my experience, most of the characters that are female tend to be, surprise surprise, pretty effeminate in one way or another, and I'm generally not very into girly things, so I'm also generally not very interested in most female characters as far as them being someone I'd like to hang out with. As far as insourced vs. outsourced, though, I think I've had about an even number of both.
Leona: Q chibi workin the dark magics :3dragoon_sten on April 4th, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
I am female myself, and it used to be I had a great deal more female muses than male, although these days it has been reversed as the males become more vocal as it were.

*nods* I believe too if you took to writing the novel again those muses would return. Im much the same way with mine, though many are in rps really instead of writings. A few pop in randomly however.
feufolletsfeufollets on April 4th, 2007 12:27 am (UTC)
I know a lot of male "bonder" types. Most of them are more private and less inclined to "share" about it then chicks are. ;) That's just been my experience.

If We Shadows: nim - girl next door.elysliam on April 4th, 2007 02:00 am (UTC)
i agree with the "female with male bonds". in traditional soulbonding, i have about equal the amount of female that i have male muses; in system soulbonding, i have three male and one female.

i would have faith your writing bonds will come back as you write. :) good luck!
LB Lee: serious thoughtlb_lee on April 4th, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
Erg... complicated. The characters tend to be predominantly male, but the frontrunners are predominantly female. (Though the one male tends to make up for it with bossiness.) So it sorta evens out.

Then again, this is explainable because the male fronter also tends to be the writer--so most of the characters are male, which therefore make the chance of bonding them more likely.

Woo, statistics in the case of the loonies.
Rider: Ran--blue jeansridetothesea on April 4th, 2007 04:53 am (UTC)
Well...my situation is complicated. I'm the host, and while the body is biologically female, I'm male. So I'm not sure how I'd fit in, or anything. And most of the people here are male. So if you go by the physical we fit the general rules. Female body, majority of male bonds. But if you go by what I know I am, we're different. :)
Rynryntha_doghare on April 4th, 2007 12:26 pm (UTC)
I'm female, and all my bonds (with the exception of one- that's 3 male, 1 female) are male. o.o
igemelli on April 5th, 2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
I'm female, and we are somewhat skewed towards women here but we do have guys around. For a long time we didn't think we ever would have, but in the last three or four years it's started to happen.

I have never, off the top of my head, heard of a male bonder with only female bonds, though I have heard of every other combination (male bonders with all or mostly male bonds, female bonders with all or mostly female bonds, female bonders with only male bonds, and of course many people have systems with male and female bonds and anything in between as well.)
Lavvysocntonrers on April 19th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
I'm female with ALL male bonds, which can be a bit of a pain sometimes >_<; There's four who stay around constantly, and then there are the guys who drop in every now and then... And so far, they've all been male! I actually tried to bond with at least one female character once, but they just kind of left after a while and the bond never stayed. I guess I'm just not good with girls... Oh well, as long as I have the boys!

Additionally, most of my bonds are outsourced--the strongest ones are, anyway. There are a few weaker insourced ones that hang around, too, and that's not including the natives of my mindscape, but they're significantly weaker bonds.

As for your book question, I think it depends on the bonds themselves. I had a similar situation where I was part of an RP. During that time, one particular character stuck out and I suppose a sort of bond formed. Roleplaying with him was a lot more... "alive", I suppose. He spoke to me, in a metaphorical way, though a few times he did it more literally :P The game died, he disappeared, but some months later I began writing on my own for my characters. He's certainly coming up more often, but not as lively as before. Maybe it's because I'm still not writing enough to satisfy him?

Either way, I'm sure if you get back in touch with your novel, even if it's just reading over it again, your characters will at least drop in to say "hi". Or maybe not, it's not like I'm an expert or something!
cockatiel_art on April 22nd, 2007 06:04 pm (UTC)
The majority of my bonds are male or hermaphrodites. When I try for a female bond, they all insist I play the female part, LOL. It's amusing!
dante_augustinedante_augustine on May 1st, 2007 12:34 am (UTC)
I'm male, and I think my bonds are about evenly divided between males and females. The two with whom I have the closest connection are female. Most of the protagonists in my fiction are female, but many, if not most, of my characters, do not develop into SBs.
amanda: Dragon - Heartshini02 on November 6th, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I'm late to reply to this (I'm only going through the comm now to really catch up).

Anyway. I, the host, am female. Most (99.9%) of my bonds are male.