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A Bonding of Souls

A Robust Connection to Fiction

Soul Bonding
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Soulbonding: Explore the Worlds Of Alternate Realty


Soulbonders have many, many varying views on their SBs, where they come from, why they're here. It would be impossible to try to reflect all the ideas and experiences there are. Some experience soulbonds as muses, some as mere presences and parts of consciousness, others as distinct, separate entities. "Imaginary friends" would be only scratching the surface of this phenomena. Regardless of your opinions - even if you don’t believe this is possible, or disagree with what people say here - you’re welcome to post what you think.


We hope that, for the most part, the rules for this community are common sense. Politeness should be a given, as should be posting relevant topics.

This community welcomes all perspectives; what we have in common is the experience, not necessarily ideas on how it occurs and why. Again, this includes those who are skeptical of soulbonding. You are welcome to voice dissenting opinions, or ask for explanations, as long as you are intelligent and respectful. The idea here is to generate in-depth discussion.

If you plan on using material discussed in this community for purposes of writing a research or school paper, we would ask you to introduce yourself and state that you are writing a paper, since not everybody is all right with having their words quoted to a wider forum than that of this community. It should go without saying that, should you use specific quotes, you should ask for permission from those you quote.

Aside from general politeness, the only rule this community has is that posts must be directly relevant to soulbonding and soulbonding experiences. We're aiming for a general, broad perspective. If you have issues that you are seeking advice and related discussion about, you are welcome to make a post of them. (I.e., discussion of communication between soulbonders and soulbonds, etc.) Posts dealing with expressly personal issues should be taken to other communities. There are other communities (listed below) that are more dedicated to soulbonds and bonders socalizing.

Posts that would make for easy troll-bait should probably be put under a friendslock. Trolls themselves -- i.e., people who aren't seeking any kind of discussion, only a battlefield -- will be banned the second we see them.

If you want to delete a post, please simply edit the post to make it blank, rather than actually deleting it. It's rude to the people who took the time to leave a comment to have their writing deleted without warning.


Here are other communities that may interest you:

sbtalk: An informal community where you can post about your soulbonds, personal issues, stories, etc. Less discussion-oriented than this one.
findingverse: For soulbonds to find others from their specific verse.
spiritpersonals: is a place for Soulbonds, Multiples, Headvoices and others who fall in the general category of persons who don't have their own bodies to meet, make friends and maybe even start relationships with those who are able to look beyond the merely physical.
soul_assemblage: A community specifically for the purposes of allowing soulbonds to speak and interact with other soulbonds.
fictionflickers: A community for discussion and exploration of an odd little phenomenon that a few people came to realise they shared.
thoughtfluff: A place focused specifically on fiction (as well as ideas in general) and its potential meaning -- a place to discuss how deeply it's affected you and the implications thereof.
more_than_one: For the more plural end of the spectrum, you might be interested in this community.

And here are other sites with more information:

The Soulbond Code: A code in the same vein as the Geek Code and the Multiple Code.

You are welcome to post links to relevant sites and communities here. If you have a suggestion for an addition to this page, it would be appreciated.

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